Private Investigation

Private Investigator Services

Invictus is a licensed Private Investigative Agency Class “A” License in the State of Florida. Our organization provides companies with the expert private investigator services as needed to resolve problems through the fact-finding and analytical review process. We have years of experience in the private investigation industry, and our investigators are former Federal Agents (FBI, CIA), and Law Enforcement Professionals.

Our investigators help organizations conduct internal investigations or to examine contentions of wrongdoing. We work with companies stakeholders, to mitigate harming their reputation, interrupting their business operations and assist in reducing potential criminal, civil and regulatory liabilities. Invictus investigative services have helped customers successfully resolve issues with minimal business disturbances. Our investigators also assist in Crises management and business continuity plans to ensure losses are decreased for the organization during a time of possible business interruption. Our three primary categories of expertise are investigations, risk management, and troubleshooting. We also provide security consulting and pro-active countermeasure consulting.

Our Services Include:

• Background investigations of individuals and companies in multiple jurisdictions

• Complex research and analysis on projects

• Mergers, and acquisitions

• The due diligence of proposed deals and investments

• Fraud, embezzlement, product tampering, and other similar investigations

• Market entry analysis and identification of appropriate in-counter opportunities and partners

• Asset recoveries

• Crises Management

• Social Media