Statewide Firearms Class G License

Statewide Firearms Class G License

Statewide Firearms Class G License

-The Statewide Firearms Class G License is the gun class that will certify security guards with the required 28 hours of training to apply for the Florida Armed Security License.

To work as an Armed Security Officer or an Armed Private Investigator in Florida, the State requires officers to complete the 28 hour Statewide Firearms Class G License class.  You must also obtain the Class “D” Security License to be approved for the Class “G” License, unless you hold a Private Investigators License (C) or (CC). Invictus offer’s both the D & G classes as a bundle package and hold weekly classes.  Invictus Firearms Instructors uphold the highest standard of training when preparing our students for the Statewide Firearms License.

The Statewide Firearms Class “G” License is a 3-day course and classes are held bi-weekly starting at 0830.  The Statewide Firearms Class G License class is a beginner-intermediate firearms class that prepares officers with the fundamentals to become a well trained Armed Security Guard.  We prepare our students with the tools necessary to deal with the worst case scenarios while working in an armed capacity.

Statewide Firearms Class "G" License Statewide Firearms Class "G" License

Statewide Firearms Class G License

The Statewide Firearms Class G License covers the Florida Laws; Chapter 493 Security Industry, Chapter 776 Use of Force, Chapter 775 Crimes, Chapter 790 Concealed Weapons License, Liability, Gun Safety, Fundamentals of Marksmanship, the 4-Step Draw, Loading, Unloading, Tactical & Speed Reloads, Firearms Malfunctions, Live Fire Training & Weapons Cleaning.  Invictus Class G Class is thought by PPT, practical exercises and extensive dry fire practice with the actual firearm.  Students will be prepared for the State of Florida written test and the 48 round live fire qualification.  Students must shoot the qualification 3 times and pass with a score of 168 or better out of a Max of 240 score.

The State of Florida only allows the use of a 9mm, .45 cal, .40 cal, .380 Semi Automatic Pistol or a .38, 357 Caliber Revolver with .38 Caliber Ammunition while working with a Statewide Firearms Class “G” License.  It is illegal in the State of Florida to work with a Concealed Weapons License and violators can be charged with a Felony.

The following positions must have a Statewide Firearms Class G License to work armed here in the State of Florida:

  • Armed Security Guards
  • Private Investigators
  • Security Drivers
  • Bodyguards
  • Executive Protection Specialists

Statewide Firearms Class Equipment:

  • Bring a notepad, pen & highlighter for course notes
  • No Ammunition allowed in Classroom, RANGE ONLY!
  • No open shoes, sneakers or boots only
  • Long pants with strong belt – (i.e. jeans, duty or tactical pants) – *NO SHORTS OR SWEAT PANTS ALLOWED*
  • Crew neck t-shirt, dress or polo shirt – *NO TANK TOPS OR LOW CUT SHIRTS ALLOWED*
  • If you wear glasses please bring them to class
  • Firearm (Available for rent)
  • 150 Rounds of Ammunition (Can Purchase at School)
  • If you bring your own firearm you MUST have a min. of 3x Magazines (Semi-Auto) or 3x 6 Round Speed loaders (Revolver)

Upon completion of Invictus Statewide Firearms Class G License, students will be given a Certificate of Proficiency and can then apply with the Florida Division of Licensing for the Statewide Firearms License.  Invictus will provide our firearms students with the State Application, Notarization of the Application, 1 Passport Photo, Duty Holster, Training Aids, Range Time and Firearm with the purchase of the D, G, CPR Bundle Package.  Invictus does not include the 144 rounds of ammunition & the firearm for the range qualification. Firearms are available for rent ($10) and ammunition can be purchased prior to range day or at the gun range at current market prices.

Students will then apply with the State of Florida for the Statewide Firearms Class G License for $112 and the license is valid for 2 years. Applicants are also required to obtain a Doctors Physical before applying to the State, the Doctors signature must be signed on the State Application.

Statewide Firearms Licensees are required to shoot the Class G Re-qualification once a year to show their proficiency as an armed security or private investigator. If the Class G licensee does not complete the annual requalification, the G license will be suspended by the DOL and the licensee will have to complete the entire 28 hour Class G course again. Class G Requalification

Invictus offers the the 4 hour Annual G Re-qualification every G course range day. Please call prior to date of range day to register a spot, we do fill our spaces quickly. Prepaid students get priority.

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