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Reginald Montgomery CPP & PSP

Reginald J. Montgomery specializes in corporate asset protection and criminal defense investigations with more than 40 years of related experience.  He is a certified polygraphist, protection professional, physical security professional, legal investigator, fraud examiner, security trainer, international investigator, board certified professional investigator, personal protection specialist, and board accredited investigator.

Reggie, a retired law enforcement officer, has served as vice-chair for ASIS International’s Standing Investigations Council and as the chairman of the Northern New Jersey Chapter. He is a life member and past assistant national director for the National Association of Legal Investigators, a life member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and the World Association of Detectives; he currently serves on the Board of Directors of Intellenet , Florida Association of Licensed Investigators, and ISPLA.  Reggie also served as president of New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association from June 1996 to June 2000. Mr. Montgomery is Chairman of the Board Accredited Investigator Certification Program. Reggie served as adjunct professor at New Jersey City University. He has given hundreds of speeches to national and international associations on numerous investigative subjects.

Mr. Montgomery is directly responsible for the recovery of over twenty billion dollars’ (US$20B) worth of embezzled funds and stolen or misappropriated assets for corporate accounts.

Reggie has been certified by numerous courts as an expert in virtually every aspect of criminal defense, corporate security, and investigative related matters. Reggie has appeared on dozens of network television programs as a polygraph, investigative, and security expert.

Mr. Montgomery is the Editor of (as well as contributing author, two chapters) “Corporate Investigations” First and Second Editions and contributing author to “Advanced Forensic Criminal Defense Investigations”, “Basic Private Investigations”,   “Advanced Private Investigations”, and “A Manual of Private Investigative Techniques”.